How About Writing for a Living?

How About Writing For A LivingMany of us love to write, we love to create a pages and pages of text and prose. We love to find new ways to express ourselves through words and occasionally report what is going on in the world to other people.

I have always written, and I can even remember one of the first things I ever wrote. I got so much out of it, my teacher said it was good and I could visualize every part of the poem. These days I get paid to write content for other people and I am very happy to do that as it’s a means of expression, but it’s also a way to help people communicate who they are and what they do.

What Qualifications Do You Need?

It’s often assumed that you need a lot of qualifications to enter the writing world. People assume you need degrees as well as a lot of experience. They automatically seem to think you needed to have been the editor of your school’s newspaper (My school didn’t have one), and that your whole life has been taken up by the written word.

In some cases this is true, but it’s not always the case as some people have made a successful career out of writing without getting degrees. One well known author was once asked what qualifications she had, she amazed a lot of people by saying she doesn’t have any English literature qualifications, but she has still made it.

The same can be said for me, but I haven’t ‘Made it’ on the same scale as this world famous author has, but I have managed to eke a living out of writing for the last three years.

I have a way with the written word, I can make even the dullest of subjects sound interesting and I stick to deadlines and work hard. This is my ‘Secret’, but really it isn’t a secret at all. Some people still assume that I went to university and got a degree, but I’ve never even set foot in a university. I did study business at college, but that didn’t help me with the written word as such, but I know how to set out a professional letter properly and I can tell you how petty cash works.

Get the Right Qualifications

If you want to get qualifications then please do, it’s important to make sure you have the right qualifications if you’re serious about getting into the writing industry. If you don’t have the right qualifications then you’ll need to have some flair and a way with words.

I work via some websites and I get my money this way, but there are a lot of different jobs you can do ‘Offline’ that involve writing, and will help you to have a more stable career if that’s what you’re looking for.

Why not find your next job today at Resource Employment as there are bound to be some writing jobs available. So get in touch and take the next step to a career in writing.