Write about what Matters

Terrible things are happening around the world; violent conflicts, massacres of the defenceless and vulnerable, religious and racial intolerance, and it is now that those with clear sight and sensitive understanding of these shifts in human behaviour must educate those around them, and prevent ignorance and frustration at their feeling ignored.

The media

The media, more specifically the news and the journalists who wrote for them are failing to objectify and clarify what is happening around us; and the conflicts in Gaza, Syria and in Ukraine are good examples of this as a pose to the unquenchable bloodthirsty rampage of ISIS who it seems are products of previous violence and local political turmoil.

Gaza and Ukraine provide examples of conflicts between two religions, political systems, and power struggles. Out of the recent atrocious violence in Gaza, European news corporations are reporting a wave of anti-Semitism sweeping across Europe, redirecting the necessary debate concerning this conflict to one concerning racism towards Jews and how society has deteriorated to levels of Nazi Europe.

Effect on the people

It is human nature that people’s views – especially those who expect the newspapers they read to be trustworthy and objective – are interconnected and affected by each other’s. The press is more often than not seen as a voice of authority and one that is qualified to speak of larger trends and big news.

It is my view that it is failing in this, which is not even what it should solely be doing. What is lacking is a voice for the people, not only someone describing the people. When this happens people feel alienated, and are more likely to subscribe to the only kind of attitudes made aware to them, in this case pro-Israeli or Anti-Semitic. This is wrong, and would only go on to fuel conflict, something the people who the press are working for are so good at inspiring.

If you are a writer and are disturbed by what is happening, then give people another way. Go to printpenguin.co.uk and print what it is you feel needs to be said. Having many different newspapers with many different opinions (which will inevitably find their way into it) give a wider understanding to those who read them, and prevent issues into deteriorating into questions of black and white, or us and them.