Tips On Becoming A Better Writer

Tips On Becoming A Better WriterWriting is a hobby to many people around the world. Writing can generate a steady stream of income to the pockets of good writers. Writing aids you in expressing your thoughts clearly and formatting your thoughts in a digestible way. That said, you don’t have to be a writer in order to take advantage of the benefits of writing. You can always hire an experienced writer to take care of all your writing work.

Nonetheless, if you are a writer or an aspiring writer, you probably want to do all the writing instead of assigning another writer to the task, and this is where the problem, self-doubt, sets in. It’s easy to get started writing anything, but when you’re done writing you sometimes experience a feeling of dubiousness about what you wrote. It can be hard to please yourself sometimes, and this can lead to a feeling of inadequacy when, in fact, you are a better writer than you think.

Tips On Becoming A Better WriterRegardless of your reason(s) for considering yourself inadequate, I have compiled some tips below on becoming a better writer. Every good writer is always looking for ways to improve their writing anyway, so don’t feel like you are alone.

1. Develop a writing routine and stick to it. This should be a period everyday during which you would write no matter what happens, even if you have pressing matters to attend to. This will become your writing period and will let you hone your writing skills at a faster pace and maintain consistency.

2. Don’t use a computer that is connected to the internet. If you do, two things might happen. You might get distracted or you might produce an article whose content is not purely from your head. Unless you want to leverage some online resources for your research or you can resist the urge to divert to something else while writing, you should work with an offline computer.

3. Write more about topics you are interested in or passionate about. Before picking a topic to write about, ask yourself if it’s a topic you enjoy writing about. It’s worth noting that picking a topic that aligns well with your interests is just half the battle. The level of interest your audience might have in that topic is another important consideration. So, in a nutshell, pick a topic that you and a large audience would be highly interested in.

4. Write badly at first. Put all your thoughts down before you start making corrections. Forego perfection until you complete your first draft. It’s easier and faster to refine a complete draft than writing and refining paragraph after paragraph. Don’t let yourself get stuck perfecting the first or second paragraph when other writers are writing their second articles. You aren’t creating an electrical certificate where perfection is paramount. You are writing an article/book.

5. Discipline yourself to write a certain minimum number of words everyday. Consider writing a job. You surely know that if your employer mentioned ‘2000 words per day’ as part of your job description, writing less than 2000 words per day would get you fired. Write as though you were working for an employer with stringent requirements.

Are you ready to become a better writer? There’s no better time to start than now.