Signs You Are Advancing Professionally On Social Media As An Author

Being an author in this age of social media is very hard to attract attention and let your story be read. That’s a fact. Professional writers seeking to push themselves forward in the writing industry are finding it harder to extend their influence and develop their content because the society has changed, the times have changed and the competition is really tough.

It doesn’t mean people don’t read anymore, it just means there is a wider variety of content for the multitude to digest. If you are an author using social media to connect and get read, how sure are you that you are using the mainstream social tools to raise your profile and gather a following? Are you doing these things?

1. Are you signed up for the largest social networks?

With so many social platforms to choose from, most authors easily get lost because they try to be everywhere at the same time. Where the world sees an organized network of professionals tweeting links and sharing information, an author would see Twitter as a noisy cocktail of casual interaction and a free-for-all auction. To get forward, you must sign up and find organization in all the mayhem by mastering the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Google+.

2. You build an audience, don’t just wait for them to come

As I mentioned, the internet is a very difficult place to compete for attention. You know how far some ‘celebrities’ people can go to dominate the headlines for a few days! Professional authors often use the social media to build a brand and use the most efficient methods to get more Instagram fans, more likes on Facebook and more followers on Twitter. Publishers today look to connect and engage with fans and authors with well set up profiles and fanatics stand the best chances of landing life-time contracts.

3. You interact and engage with passion and enthusiasm

An author is someone who can engage and connect with a reader through writing. Take advantage of this secret weapon of trade to build a following and engage enthusiastically with the friends you make by keeping them interested in what you share. Whether you are an upcoming author, an established professional or a pen-for-hire, you must learn to express your enthusiasm and professionalism day in day out to a crowd that is clearly disinterested, ignorant or just plainly indifferent and have a medium to say it instantly.

Even when the whole idea of promoting your brand on the social networks is self-promotion, don’t make it look that way. Your followers will require demand that you remind them you are the great writer they friended, constantly. Make valuable connections with the genuine fans who love your writing and watch how beautiful it can turn out to be. All said and done, the more the fans you have the better the connections you make.