Searching For Books & Authors

When you’re looking for a new book to read and you don’t fancy popping down to your local library, you may want to search online. The internet is a great place to look for books and authors you haven’t come across before.

Searching For Books & Authors 3Using a search engine will help you to find a wide range of new and exciting books, but it can also help you to find a book written by your favourite author too. However, you do need to be savvy in your search criteria; typing in ‘Shakespeare’ will churn out a lot of results from details about the Globe Theater, pictures of the man himself, to a fish and chip shop in Warwickshire.

William Shakespeare, the world renowned author of Hamlet, Much ado about nothing, King Lear and many other works. Baptized in April 1564, Shakespeare’s sonnets, plays and tragedies entertained the world. The influence of his books on the literary world was quite phenomenal, and it still remains as strong, some 400 years after his death. If you would like to read one of Shakespeare’s books, they can easily be bought or downloaded online.

A Library of Books

Searching For Books & Authors 1Imagine the internet is like a huge library of books, that there are unopened books just waiting to be read. If you are familiar with libraries and bookshops, you’ll be aware they are usually set out in a specific way. Different sections of the library or bookshop will contain different genres, each with their own type of fiction or non-fiction book contained within. When you search for a new book, whether it be in a library, in your local bookshop or even online, you should think about what genre your potential new book may filed in.

For example, are you looking for a romance novel, perhaps a thriller has caught your eye. Are you a lover of chick lit, or would you prefer an autobiography?

Searching for the right book can be hard if you’ve given a lot of choice, or you don’t know where to look. The great bookshelf shown above was part of the Urban Pavillion Expo of 2010 in China. The image itself may speak volumes to those who have found there is too much choice. There may be endless options, endless opportunities, but if you’re simply looking for a classic novel or your favourite authors latest release, it can seem a bit overwhelming.

Searching For an Author

Searching For Books & Authors 2The Author Joanne Harris has written many different genres of books. She writes a lot of her novels from her kitted-out comfortable shed in the North of England. Harris travels the world extensively, promoting her work and giving literature-related talks to admirers and fellow writers alike. Not only has Harris written approximately 20 books, but they can be found in many different genres, proving the author can appeal to all.

Joanne Harris’s ‘Chocolat’ is a romance novel, whereas ‘Blueeyedboy’ is a psychological thriller. If you’re not sure what genre your book was a part of, you could always search for the author.

Most of us love old books; in fact there can be nothing finer than walking into a bookshop and smelling the dry scent that a collection of old books gives off. Although many people buy new books online, old books are still available. Second-hand/used books can be bought with ease, although the price will reflect the value and age of the book itself. If you’re short on cash you may want to consider buying a used book.

Searching For Books & Authors 5Many of us have books piled or stacked up in our home. Sometimes all we need to get us through the day, or off to sleep at night is a good book. Buying books online can make getting your hands on a favourite book so much easier. If the weather’s bad and you don’t want to leave the house to buy a book, purchasing one online means you can stay in the warm and dry while you wait for the postie to deliver what may be the best book you’ve ever written.

Searching Online

If you know how to search online for a book, you can use the same technique when searching for other products too. If for example, you want to search for a stairlift, you may have a specific brand in mind. Would you search for Brooks or Acorn Stairlifts? Or a stairlift that’s within your budget range?

It can be hard to know where to start looking for a specific book, but if you give your search engine as much detail as possible, you’re more likely to find a book that appeals to the bookworm in you.