How Much Do You Know About Thieves Oil?

How Much Do You Know About Thieves Oil?If you love to use essential oils then you may be interested to know there’s something known as Thieves Oil. This oil is quite different from a lot of other oils you may have come across in the past, but it’s something that has proven to be very good at what it does.

Originally created by accident by a group of four thieves in France, this oil was found to be great at helping to boost the immune system and encourage good health. The thieves were reported to have covered their bodies in rosemary, cloves and other products while they went about robbing those who were suffering from the plague. This particular blend of aromatics was studied and it was found to be highly effective when it came to encouraging good health and boosting the users’ immune system.

Natural Products VS Medication

How Much Do You Know About Thieves Oil?A lot of people are more than happy to use natural products as opposed to medication. Although natural products should not be considered a complete alternative to medication they can help to make a huge difference.

Serotonin levels

If you’re feeling a little down why not eat a banana? They are naturally high in serotonin which helps to make you feel better.

Immune booster

If you have a bit of a cold, make sure you have plenty of garlic in your diet. Garlic is great at helping to boost your immune system and it’s also a great antibiotic too. You don’t have to eat a boat load of garlic, but a little in your diet each day should be enough. You might also want to think about taking some garlic supplements each day so you can be sure you get the boost you need.


If you need to relax a bit more, why not burn some Lavender oil? It will help you to relax and could even help you de-stress after a busy and hectic day.

As you can see, some natural products can help you to feel so much better. Although they do not replace medical care and prescribe medications they can help to keep you healthy and ward off a wide range of illnesses and conditions.


If you’re constipated why not increase your water intake? Sometimes all you need is a pint or two of water to get things moving again. You may also want to think about eating some grapes as they can help to get rid of constipation too. Don’t forget that senna is also a natural constipation remedy as it can help to un-bung you.

 As you can see there are a lot of ways to help you feel so much better without having to rely on medication or even putting up with specific conditions or illnesses.

Please don’t be afraid to speak to your doctor if you have any concerns about your health or if you’re not sure about taking supplements or using food as a means to improve your health.