Kindle Paperwhite: Is Every E-Book Reader This Efficient?

Amazon is the top seller of eBook readers like Kindle which are the sixth generation devices. You might be wondering how does 2013 version of the Kindle Paperwhite match up with other existing Kindle or any other eBook readers like Nook and Kobo. Let me tell you a simple answer “It’s great!”.

There has been an iterative improvement in the 2013 Kindle Paperwhite over 2012.

The changes brought in the 2013 version as compared to the 2012 version are:

• 3G option is no longer supported

• Works on WI-Fi only

• The processor is slightly faster as compared to the 2012 version

• The white touch screen is brighter than ever before.

• Amazon’s logo is moved to the back of the device leaving “Kindle” logo in the front

However, there are no great comparable differences between the 2012 and the 2013 version and if you own a 2012 version you need not necessarily upgrade it to 2013. However, if you have older versions you must give a chance to the 2013 version to prove its worth.images (15)

This device is well known by its screen. The e-ink screen has a touch screen with more brightness and  contrast in this version of the Kindle. The improved front-light of this device attracts new readers easily as the device has uniform lighting across the six inch screen device. The name “white” not only highlights in the device name, but also gives a great user experience and a feel of natural reading.

Moreover, the brightness of the device screen can be adjusted easily by using the controls popped from tapping the screen.  Moreover, you can even customize the way you want your pages to look like – relatively new book, word down or freshly printed giving a greater level of user experience to the eBook readers.

With a higher battery life, Amazon quotes that the battery lasts up to 28 hours of use when the  light is on. There has been no much change in the User Interface of the device; the touch screen interface has replaced the cursor based navigation. The physical buttons are all replaced by touch screen options. However, there is a small disadvantage with the lack of physical buttons; you won’t be able to give rest to your tender fingers. Another drawback is, just like other readers, content is rigidly formatted as an eBook and there is no way to control this formatting. The device easily syncs with the purchased book over WI-Fi, you can just click on the purchase button on Amazon, and off you go, you get to read the book on your device. The device offers 1.25 GB of storage, so you can download as many eBooks as possible until you reach the maximum limit.

Another amazing feature of this reader is that it stores all the notes, annotations, highlights, reading position etc. on the cloud, so you can use the same instance of the book at a later point in time or when you want to read the same instance of your kindle app on your smart Phone or HTML5 browser on your laptop. The 2013 edition of Kindle Paperwhite is so far the best reader in the market with high battery efficiency, bright display and the excellent touch screen.