How To Write A Best-Selling Book

Let’s face it, traditional publishing no longer works. Unlike in the good old days where everyone’s dream was to grab a spot in the bookshelf, publishing books is much more difficult now. Bookshelf spaces in stores are few and far between and every author now faces heated competition for those spaces.Button Bestseller

In order to publish your book, you have to forward your manuscript to several publishing houses after which you have to sit and hope they accept to publish your book. If you get lucky and yours is accepted, you’ll be looking at a 1-month+ waiting period before you start seeing any sales after your book makes it to stores.

Even the process of publishing a book is not easy, much less getting it out there for your intended audience to see and hopefully purchase. So what is the connection between this and writing a book that sells well?

The Best Book Is Not Always The Best-Selling Book

Some books sell because they have captivating or interesting titles, while some of them sell due to their uniqueness and usefulness. But most books sell as a result of the influence of the author or strong marketing. You are probably not an influential author, or else you wouldn’t be reading this article. That leaves strong marketing as the only option you have for writing a best-selling book.

A captivating title will enhance the effectiveness of your marketing, but the marketing is what will determine the rate at which your book will sell. This may come as a surprise to you, but if you want to produce a best-selling book, you need to start marketing it and gaining some traction before you write a single word.

Knowing how to market your book is even more crucial now because some publishing companies are no longer helping authors promote their books. They now require authors to promote their books themselves in a bid to save money.

 Promoting Your Book Before Handling Your Pen

The most effective way for new or aspiring authors to promote their books and possibly the easiest way is generating buzz around their books before writing them. But first, you need to know what your book is going to be about and create a captivating title before you start.

With the advent of the internet, generating buzz around your book and promoting it is no longer a difficult task. To begin, you will need to create a blog and subscribe to an autoresponder service, after which you should start a mailing list.seo ruleThen start publishing interesting information about your book and asking your readers to subscribe to your mailing list so they can be notified when your book is published and ready.

The next step is to start using traffic generation methods to increase your blog’s popularity and gain more visitors. Organic SEO is the best way to do this and if you are an author based in Scotland, you can easily hire a Scottish SEO company to SEO or optimize your blog. SEO Companies like Outbox4 SEO Scotland blogs and websites. You can also find an SEO company in your country as well.

It Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult

Writing a best-selling book doesn’t have to be difficult. Take advantage of the opportunities the internet provides and your sales will only soar higher.