Can your location change how you write?

A lot of people do not seem to realize that your location can change how you write. This is because where you write from, can and does affect the mood of your writing, and even how much you get done.

Let’s take Charlotte Bronte for example, she wrote a lot of her books in various locations. Where she was living at the time seemed to have a huge influence on her books. Some of them describe places close to her home, including those she visited frequently. I imagine that should she have lived elsewhere, then Miss Bronte would have used other areas as her locations, and these may have ended up changing the story.

Working in a coffee shop

Working in a coffee shop may seem as if it’s a good place to write, but it all depends on what you’re writing, and if you can write around other people. I know that I would find it very hard to write in a coffee shop, as personally, I like to people watch, and I like to sit there and relax. Some people however, would not have a problem working there, and they may feel at ease doing so.

Working in someone else’s home

Working in someone else’s home always feels a bit strange. My friend was looking for NJ moving companies, my wife was helping her, and I had to get some work done. I could have worked from home, but I was needed from time to time to help out. I do feel that working in someone else’s home does make a difference to how you write, as it can change your perspective on things, and also make it hard to concentrate.

Writing outside

Writing outside can potentially be a good experience, it can help to inspire you, and give you ideas, depending on what it is you’re writing of course. Writing outside can also be ideal if you want to write about the specific location that you’re working from, and it can help you to see the area, and get a feel for it more clearly.

Working in the office

For me, the best place to write is in my office. This is because I am left alone to get on with things, and no-one disturbs me. Some people do not like to write when it’s quiet, whereas others thrive on it. I’m not sure if I could work too well in a busy office, but I may have to one day, so it would be interesting to see how it affects me.

Working in a number of different locations can and does have an affect on people. Sometimes the affect is a good one, sometimes it’s not that great at all. It all depends on who you are, and how much privacy or space you need to write. It also depends on what you’re writing in the first place, as that can be influenced by the location itself.

How can you become the Best Finance Author

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