Best Authors’ Houses

 Best Authors’ HousesMost authors’ works are the product of a great imagination, and this is evident by the houses that many of them lived in.  Some are designed and built by the writers, and others are chosen by them for their unique character and beauty. Edith Wharton

Three time nominee for the Nobel Prize in Literature, Edith Wharton started off her career as a designer, and her estate ‘The Mount’ is a great testament to this skill of hers as she was the one behind the construction of it.  She said herself that she was ‘a better landscape gardener than a novelist’, and her first book was a design manual called ‘The Decoration of Houses’.  Her estate is now a popular destination for visitors who are fans of her work and the estate that she designed.

As much as her imagination went into her novels, so it did in her design, and her knowledge of design and her attention to detail are prevalent in her novels.

Ernest Hemingway

An extremely popular and almost legendary writer, Ernest Hemingway was famed for living the lifestyle that he captured in his novels.  The most famous of his houses, known as The Ernest Hemingway House, is in Key West in Florida.  Aside from being extremely characterful and beautiful, it featured several innovations.  It was the first house on the Island to have indoor plumbing, as well as the first to have an upstairs bathroom that took water from a cistern on the roof that collected rain water.  Now, the best commercial plumbers in Indianapolis can fit these features and many more advanced ones in your house.

It is a profitable and popular visiting destination, and contains many plants and features from his time in Cuba, and had the first swimming pool within 100 miles.

Attracting much attention for its setting and design, it featured in the 1988 James Bond film ‘A License to Kill’.

Gore Vidal

Gore Vidal did not achieve the same heights in fame as these previous two writers, but his house perched on a cliff edge on the Amalfi Coast in Italy is one of the most strikingly stunning houses owned by anyone.  Perched here means really right on the edge of a cliff.  One of the most beautiful places in Italy, one of the most beautiful and popular countries in Europe, the house has all the characterful allure of old European houses.  The Italians were known for their great design, and this house has it all, with some of the best views that the Mediterranean can offer – which is saying a lot.