Four Most Important Lessons from Top Authors for Aspiring Writers

There is nothing as inspirational as having your work being referred to by scholars, leaders, students, politicians, and junior readers. An accomplished author reflects inherent skills, mastery of language, and focus on problem solution at all times. Here are top lessons that new writers can learn from top authors.

Ability to communicate vividly: Whether you are targeting to submit articles or pen the next greatest American Novel, you must be able to express your thoughts, views, and themes vividly. In his works that every scholar and actor keep referring to, William Shakespeare was able to demonstrate articulate thoughts organization and communicating to the audience with clarity. Because of this, new writers should read and critique his masterpieces to sharpen their communication skills.

The immense power of observation: As a new writer the question of what to write about and how to do it always linger at the back of the mind. However, you must be observant and operate as a therapist, psychologist, or researcher to understand what the society needs. Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller demonstrated in her crime novels that you must get into the mind of the audience to understand what they want to manipulate the characters and deliver results. Here, you must be able to listen and watch with a bird’s eye all the events, happenings, and demands of the society.

Fearlessness: When you decide to write, you will only break ranks and become the best by overcoming fear. In many instances, you delve into topics that others dare not. From love, politics, psychology, and even business, your ability to draw the roadmap to solutions on what others fear to do will propel your works to fame and make it outlive you. Robert Ludlum, the author of top spy novels such as The Bourne Trilogy demonstrated unique fearlessness in his works that have made it get referenced by trainers in security issues. Whether you are writing a blog or a chapter of a book, you must delve into the deep waters and give real solutions that everybody will want to refer to regularly.

Reasoning and self-drive

When you think of writing a piece, everything must be properly reasoned out. You must understand what others have done and become part of the solution you are penning down. In Hailey’s thriller works, you can easily see the author and appreciate his professionalism. To achieve this self-drive, make sure to work on your image, confidence, and focus in every piece. Use the top 5 electric shavers to get that ultimate look, dress well, and work with confidence word after word until the chapter and the entire book is over.