Getting your work read

If you like to write then chances are you’ve thought about getting your work read by someone at some stage. This can be very nerve-wracking, as the text that you write may seem very personal too you. I perfectly understand how you feel, as I have been there myself many times.

When someone reads you work, they are not necessarily judging what you have written, unless you would like them to. As I mentioned before, this is quite a nerve-wracking moment, as you are effectively opening yourself up to criticism (Albeit constructive with any luck), and you’re allowing someone to see what you’ve spent time writing.

Ways to get your work read

There are many different ways for you to get your work read, and those ways depend on what you’ve written, and what you would like done with you work. There are many different avenues that you can take with this:


Many writers like to publish their work on blogs. Blogs are a great way for you to publish your work so that it can be seen by others. These days, blogs are the first port of call for those who wish to ultimately write for a living.

If wanted my blog looking good so it reflected my writing style, so I got to help me out, and it looks good. I am really pleased that I have a blog as it allows me to get some of my work out there. I don’t put every single thing that I write on my blog, but a lot of my work does go on there.


These days, just about anyone can get their work published thanks to the advent of ebooks. Ebooks now make it possible for you to publish the book yourself, but if you want to sell any, you’ll have to market it yourself, or pay for someone to help you.

Books can be full of stories, or they can be full of facts it entirely depends on the genre you pick. Writing and publishing a book can be a lot of hard work, but it can be rewarding too. You should be prepared for some criticism, and be aware that not everyone will like your book.

If you choose to go through an agent and a publisher in order to get your book onto book shelves, then you’ll either have to be very lucky, or you’ll have to work hard. Publishing this way is not easy, trust me, I know.

Getting your work read may seem frightening, but you can be sure that it feels good to get your work out there. If you get the chance to have your work read by others, I encourage you to do so.