How to Write the Best Fiction Novels

How to Write the Best Fiction Novels

You have always read novels and wondered how the authors came up with such interesting storylines. You would like to be an accomplished writer of novels and other fiction works. What is it that you need to do so become the best writer? What is it that the celebrated authors do? Well, we need to discuss this issue and get you up on your feet as a writer. There are a number of things that you need to learn and do so that as you begin your writing career, you will do it on a professional footing.

Well, to begin with, for you to write a novel of any kind, you will need to have a story idea. What are you going to write about? Who are the characters? How will these characters behave in the story? Do you need a climax in the story? Here are the steps to follow in writing the story:

Begin with tension

There are a number of ways through which you can start your story with tension. The tension in this context simply refers to the problem or the conflict in the story. As well all know, a good story needs to have a problem that will be solved at the end of the story. The tension therefore refers to the kind of a challenge that the major characters have. With this in mind, it will be easy for you to have a better plot as this brings in more characters and more complex problems that have to be solved in the story.

What do your characters’ wants are

What are the issues that your characters want solved? What are the wants of the characters? When your characters do everything so that they can satisfy their wants, then you will be sure of a compelling storyline that will be interesting to your readers. When you weave the wants of the characters with the conflicts of the other characters in the story, then the whole plot becomes complicated and this is exactly what the reader needs. When you create characters with strong wants and desires, then it becomes much more interesting especially if these same characters will have to fight the conflicts that arise due to the interwoven nature of these wants and needs.

Each chapter needs to end on a cliff

One of the reasons your readers want to continue reading your story is the kind of suspense that you create at the end of each chapter. Unless you have this kind of a cliff hanger, then your audience will not find any reason to continue reading your story. You do not have to make the whole story an actual cliff. You need to be creative and ensure that your readers have something interesting to do. Fiction is built on the curiosity for the readers and this is what you have to build on.

Give your characters obstacles to overcome

Successful fiction writing entails giving the characters obstacles that they have to overcome and do so triumphantly. You will have to decide the nature of the obstacles that you need to introduce. When these obstacles are difficult, then the story is spiced up and the reader will be kept following the issues to see how the characters overcome them. There are many obstacles that you can create for your characters. Drug addiction, love affairs between the characters in the antagonists side and so on.

Understand your audience

You need to know the kind of audience you are writing for. Are you writing a fantasy novel? Are you writing an erotica novel? You need to understand the kind of audience you are writing for so that you can meet their expectations as you write the story. You can then make the story or the novel into Fiction Kindle ebooks so that you can make more sales and reach audiences all over the world.