Welcome to Authors After Dark

welcomeHey, since this is the first post on AAD (authors after dark), what better way to begin than to introduce myself and this site.

About Me

I go under the pseudo name Molly Chandler. I have been a fiction writer for over 10 years, ever since writing stories with my Nan back when I was 5 years old. I still look back on those days fondly as I was encouraged to use my imagination and write down whatever thoughts I had.

Getting my thoughts out onto paper really gave me channel for expressing myself. Being a shy child and even as an adult I struggle in many social situations, I found that writing really was my outlet. A place I could be whoever I wanted to be and the best part…nobody knew it was me writing.

I suppose AAD is my ‘grown up’ way of still feeling like that free 5 year old. Here I can write what I want, when i want and share that work with other like-minded people who have also found the power of writing.

Which brings me nicely onto the next point.

About This Site

Authors after dark was created by little old me as a platform for all writers with a dark side. Typically taboo subjects such as sexual romance, crime, thrillers etc are considered a taboo suject which nobody liked to talk about, that was until 50 Shades of Grey broke on to the scene and revealed book lovers true colours.

Million of that book were sold and as a result, this website was born. I found more people wanted to read and talk about these topics without being judged.

You can use this website as a way to display your writing, thoughts and idea to the world without shouting from the rooftops “here i am…”

I do hope you enjoy reading the stories on this site, I have a collection of short intriguing stories coming up that I hope you will love.

– Molly 🙂