Four Most Important Lessons from Top Authors for Aspiring Writers

There is nothing as inspirational as having your work being referred to by scholars, leaders, students, politicians, and junior readers. An accomplished author reflects inherent skills, mastery of language, and focus on problem solution at all times. Here are top lessons that new writers can learn from top authors.

Ability to communicate vividly: Whether you are targeting to submit articles or pen the next greatest American Novel, you must be able to express your thoughts, views, and themes vividly. In his works that every scholar and actor keep referring to, William Shakespeare was able to demonstrate articulate thoughts organization and communicating to the audience with clarity. Because of this, new writers should read and critique his masterpieces to sharpen their communication skills.

The immense power of observation: As a new writer the question of what to write about and how to do it always linger at the back of the mind. However, you must be observant and operate as a therapist, psychologist, or researcher to understand what the society needs. Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller demonstrated in her crime novels that you must get into the mind of the audience to understand what they want to manipulate the characters and deliver results. Here, you must be able to listen and watch with a bird’s eye all the events, happenings, and demands of the society.

Fearlessness: When you decide to write, you will only break ranks and become the best by overcoming fear. In many instances, you delve into topics that others dare not. From love, politics, psychology, and even business, your ability to draw the roadmap to solutions on what others fear to do will propel your works to fame and make it outlive you. Robert Ludlum, the author of top spy novels such as The Bourne Trilogy demonstrated unique fearlessness in his works that have made it get referenced by trainers in security issues. Whether you are writing a blog or a chapter of a book, you must delve into the deep waters and give real solutions that everybody will want to refer to regularly.

Reasoning and self-drive

When you think of writing a piece, everything must be properly reasoned out. You must understand what others have done and become part of the solution you are penning down. In Hailey’s thriller works, you can easily see the author and appreciate his professionalism. To achieve this self-drive, make sure to work on your image, confidence, and focus in every piece. Use the top 5 electric shavers to get that ultimate look, dress well, and work with confidence word after word until the chapter and the entire book is over.

Can your location change how you write?

A lot of people do not seem to realize that your location can change how you write. This is because where you write from, can and does affect the mood of your writing, and even how much you get done.

Let’s take Charlotte Bronte for example, she wrote a lot of her books in various locations. Where she was living at the time seemed to have a huge influence on her books. Some of them describe places close to her home, including those she visited frequently. I imagine that should she have lived elsewhere, then Miss Bronte would have used other areas as her locations, and these may have ended up changing the story.

Working in a coffee shop

Working in a coffee shop may seem as if it’s a good place to write, but it all depends on what you’re writing, and if you can write around other people. I know that I would find it very hard to write in a coffee shop, as personally, I like to people watch, and I like to sit there and relax. Some people however, would not have a problem working there, and they may feel at ease doing so.

Working in someone else’s home

Working in someone else’s home always feels a bit strange. My friend was looking for NJ moving companies, my wife was helping her, and I had to get some work done. I could have worked from home, but I was needed from time to time to help out. I do feel that working in someone else’s home does make a difference to how you write, as it can change your perspective on things, and also make it hard to concentrate.

Writing outside

Writing outside can potentially be a good experience, it can help to inspire you, and give you ideas, depending on what it is you’re writing of course. Writing outside can also be ideal if you want to write about the specific location that you’re working from, and it can help you to see the area, and get a feel for it more clearly.

Working in the office

For me, the best place to write is in my office. This is because I am left alone to get on with things, and no-one disturbs me. Some people do not like to write when it’s quiet, whereas others thrive on it. I’m not sure if I could work too well in a busy office, but I may have to one day, so it would be interesting to see how it affects me.

Working in a number of different locations can and does have an affect on people. Sometimes the affect is a good one, sometimes it’s not that great at all. It all depends on who you are, and how much privacy or space you need to write. It also depends on what you’re writing in the first place, as that can be influenced by the location itself.

Tips for freelance writers

file5281279373109Freelance writers, particularly those that are new to the profession, can struggle to find work. The freelance industry is not always an easy one to be a part of, but at the same time it can also be hugely rewarding.


I’ve been freelance writing for almost four years now, and I can tell you that you need a lot of determination in order to pay the bills, or even just provide yourself with a bit of extra cash. I have a few more tips for you that could also be of help to you, even when you’re struggling.


Here are those tips for you now:


Always deliver


Whatever the deadline is, or whatever instructions your client gives you, always deliver what they are looking for. You’re being paid to write something a specific way, so do as you’re told, and you’re likely to get some good feedback for it.



Accept ‘Boring’ jobs


I’ve done some really dull jobs in my time, and although they were mind-numbingly boring, they helped to pay the bills and build my reputation as a freelance writer. Sometimes you just have to accept any job that’s out there, so start working on it and do the best you can. Write about anything, such as the latest gadgets,vitality works products, or adult content if you’re comfortable writing it. Expand your portfolio and gain that experience.



Find out what hours work for yourself


Some people work best in the mornings and early afternoons, whereas others work better into the evening. This may be trial and error at first, but you will soon find out what works for you. About 4 years ago, I decided to set myself a time table, which included one 15 minute break every hour (My concentration isn’t always the best). But that time table/schedule didn’t work as sometimes I needed to concentrate for more than 45 minutes at a time. Now, I start work at 9am, finish at 3:30pm, and I have a few breaks through-out the day.



Be prepared to chase payments


This may not be something you want to do, but you will have to do it now and again. Some clients will genuinely forget to pay you, others will try to avoid it for whatever reason, while a technical error may result in your invoice not reaching its destination. Whatever the reason, you need to chase payments, as this can help you to make ends meet, or just line your pockets with a little more cash.


When you chase someone for payments, be nice, say something like “Hello [Insert name], please can you pay me for the work I did [Insert details]. Nine times out of ten you will get a response. If there is no response, then my advice is to refrain from doing any more work for that client, until they have paid you for the work you have done. Sometimes you may need to tell the client that you will begin the next piece of work, once they have paid you for the last.

Use the above tips to help you advance in your career as a freelance writer. Be prepared to work hard, even in the evenings and at weekends if needs be. But be prepared to have a diverse and hugely rewarding career that most people only dream about.

Tips for writing travel pieces

If you have ever been asked to write a travel piece, you may wonder where you need to start. You may be asked to visit the destination in question, but you may also be asked to write travel pieces about destinations you haven’t visited before.

Trust me, this happens a lot. In the past I have written countless articles about New York City, Miami, and the town of Bath in England. I have never visited any of these places, yet I have written 50+ articles in total. So how did I go about writing them, and how can you make readers of your travel articles believe you’ve been there?

  1. Research – It’s vital that you do as much research as you can, so that you get all of the information right. This may mean that you have to visit a lot of different websites, and even see what people have to say about particular venues.
  2. Write in an easy-to-read style – the easier your article is to read, the better. If you use long words, or you don’t try to add a bit of life to it, people will be able to tell. Write in a friendly tone, and make sure you write like you know what you’re talking about.
  3. If you get the chance to travel to a destination you’re reviewing, make sure you weigh up the pros and cons of the place. Don’t be overly harsh, but don’t be too nice; remember, your article (Depending on where it ends up) could potentially affects someone’s livelihood.
  4. If you have to write reviews about the Top Unusual Places to Stay for example, try to research thoroughly. Look for places that aren’t ‘On the map’, but those that are found in a field or back street somewhere.
  5. Don’t use copyrighted pictures or content. If you have to search for you own, then start searching. You could be fined or prosecuted for this so make sure you stay on the right side of the law.
  6. Be 100% original, don’t copy phrases or text from someone else. The site you’re writing for could be penalized, and your job could even be on the line.

One last and final tip that I have for you is to make sure you know your audience. If for example, you’re writing for the American market, then write in American English. Alternatively, if you’re writing for the British Market, write in British English. Although there are a lot of similarities between various dialects, the way words are spelled could differ. Don’t do guess work, find out who you’re writing for.

As you can see, there are a few things that you need to consider. If you bare all of the above in mind, you’re more likely to write an article that your boss is pleased with.

Getting your work read

If you like to write then chances are you’ve thought about getting your work read by someone at some stage. This can be very nerve-wracking, as the text that you write may seem very personal too you. I perfectly understand how you feel, as I have been there myself many times.

When someone reads you work, they are not necessarily judging what you have written, unless you would like them to. As I mentioned before, this is quite a nerve-wracking moment, as you are effectively opening yourself up to criticism (Albeit constructive with any luck), and you’re allowing someone to see what you’ve spent time writing.

Ways to get your work read

There are many different ways for you to get your work read, and those ways depend on what you’ve written, and what you would like done with you work. There are many different avenues that you can take with this:


Many writers like to publish their work on blogs. Blogs are a great way for you to publish your work so that it can be seen by others. These days, blogs are the first port of call for those who wish to ultimately write for a living.

If wanted my blog looking good so it reflected my writing style, so I got to help me out, and it looks good. I am really pleased that I have a blog as it allows me to get some of my work out there. I don’t put every single thing that I write on my blog, but a lot of my work does go on there.


These days, just about anyone can get their work published thanks to the advent of ebooks. Ebooks now make it possible for you to publish the book yourself, but if you want to sell any, you’ll have to market it yourself, or pay for someone to help you.

Books can be full of stories, or they can be full of facts it entirely depends on the genre you pick. Writing and publishing a book can be a lot of hard work, but it can be rewarding too. You should be prepared for some criticism, and be aware that not everyone will like your book.

If you choose to go through an agent and a publisher in order to get your book onto book shelves, then you’ll either have to be very lucky, or you’ll have to work hard. Publishing this way is not easy, trust me, I know.

Getting your work read may seem frightening, but you can be sure that it feels good to get your work out there. If you get the chance to have your work read by others, I encourage you to do so.


Tips for selling your ebook


When ebooks were first bought onto the market, there was a scope for more people to get their books published. Now you were able to write and publish your work without going through a publishing agency or an agent, unless you wanted to of course.

Because millions of people have now decided to publish their work, there is a lot more competition out there. New ebooks have hit the market and it’s now only the select few who make any real money out of it.

The inclination to market

A couple of years ago I published one of the novels that I’d written. I had no intention of marketing it at all, I just wanted it out there as doing so was a form of closure. The book has made me approximately £60 since then, and it has a couple of good reviews. I know that I could make more money if I marketed it, but I do not have the inclination to do so.

So how can you make sure your ebook sells? Here are some tips that you may want to consider:

Use social media

It doesn’t matter what your book is about, whether it delves into the history of Scotland, covers the subject of modular retail buildings, or it’s about a specific breed of dogs, you need to use social media to market it.

Social media is a very powerful tool, and it’s thought to be a great way for you to generate sales. You should be aware that roughly 10% of those who ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ you on the platform that you use will buy your book. This means that if you get 100 ‘Likes’, only 10 of those who have liked you will buy your book. This means that you really need to push your book.

Get in contact with local media

If you think your book could be of interest to your local community, or you just want to shout out about what you’ve achieved, then you may want to get in touch with local media. Newspapers, local news stations and even your village leaflet may be interested. You should be aware that a lot of local media stations and papers receive such communication. This means that your book will need to be quite different in order to stand out.

Be different in order to stand out

If you’ve written a chick novel, or a book about growing up in your home town, it should ideally contain something different in order to stand out. This applies to any genre of book, and it’s something you could use to your advantage. If you have a rather unusual story to tell whether it be fact or fiction, then it may stand out a little bit. This is the part if the book that you need to market, and it’s this part that could potentially bring you money in.

Keep writing

One of the best things that you can do is to keep writing. Don’t assume that your first ebook will bring you a lot of money. Even the most popular writers out there have had to work hard. Who knows, your best seller may be just around the corner, but you won’t get there if you don’t keep writing.

How to Write the Best Fiction Novels

How to Write the Best Fiction Novels

You have always read novels and wondered how the authors came up with such interesting storylines. You would like to be an accomplished writer of novels and other fiction works. What is it that you need to do so become the best writer? What is it that the celebrated authors do? Well, we need to discuss this issue and get you up on your feet as a writer. There are a number of things that you need to learn and do so that as you begin your writing career, you will do it on a professional footing.

Well, to begin with, for you to write a novel of any kind, you will need to have a story idea. What are you going to write about? Who are the characters? How will these characters behave in the story? Do you need a climax in the story? Here are the steps to follow in writing the story:

Begin with tension

There are a number of ways through which you can start your story with tension. The tension in this context simply refers to the problem or the conflict in the story. As well all know, a good story needs to have a problem that will be solved at the end of the story. The tension therefore refers to the kind of a challenge that the major characters have. With this in mind, it will be easy for you to have a better plot as this brings in more characters and more complex problems that have to be solved in the story.

What do your characters’ wants are

What are the issues that your characters want solved? What are the wants of the characters? When your characters do everything so that they can satisfy their wants, then you will be sure of a compelling storyline that will be interesting to your readers. When you weave the wants of the characters with the conflicts of the other characters in the story, then the whole plot becomes complicated and this is exactly what the reader needs. When you create characters with strong wants and desires, then it becomes much more interesting especially if these same characters will have to fight the conflicts that arise due to the interwoven nature of these wants and needs.

Each chapter needs to end on a cliff

One of the reasons your readers want to continue reading your story is the kind of suspense that you create at the end of each chapter. Unless you have this kind of a cliff hanger, then your audience will not find any reason to continue reading your story. You do not have to make the whole story an actual cliff. You need to be creative and ensure that your readers have something interesting to do. Fiction is built on the curiosity for the readers and this is what you have to build on.

Give your characters obstacles to overcome

Successful fiction writing entails giving the characters obstacles that they have to overcome and do so triumphantly. You will have to decide the nature of the obstacles that you need to introduce. When these obstacles are difficult, then the story is spiced up and the reader will be kept following the issues to see how the characters overcome them. There are many obstacles that you can create for your characters. Drug addiction, love affairs between the characters in the antagonists side and so on.

Understand your audience

You need to know the kind of audience you are writing for. Are you writing a fantasy novel? Are you writing an erotica novel? You need to understand the kind of audience you are writing for so that you can meet their expectations as you write the story. You can then make the story or the novel into Fiction Kindle ebooks so that you can make more sales and reach audiences all over the world.

How to Prepare a Book for Publishing

You are preparing to have your book published. What are some of the things that you need to do? Assuming that you have written a manuscript on Women’s Fiction, what are some of the things that you should do after you have revised the manuscript and you believe it is ready? Well, we need to discuss the steps that one should take to have their books published. We shall start with the preparation of the manuscript and what should be done after that. Here are the steps to follow: Continue reading

Steps to Becoming a Prolific Author

Many people think that is easy to become an author. Well, this is a fallacy. There is a lot of effort that goes into becoming an author of repute. Authors are not made, they make themselves by the manner in which they write their books or the other works of art. It is common to see many authors give up writing after just a few books. Well, what are some of the things that can make one a prolific writer? What are you supposed to do so that you can achieve the kind of author status that you want? Here are some of the things that one needs to do: Continue reading

Tips on How to Become the Best Writer

Becoming a writer starts by contemplating the idea in your mind. There are those who start by thinking that they cannot write and later become writers while others think that they can and start with all the confidence only to discover later that this was never their talent. People fail to understand that writing is not all about good grammar or even spelling. If you are dreaming of becoming the best writer, you must first begin by assessing whether you have those qualities that are unique for authors and no other professional can claim to have them. This is what that sets the difference. A good writer will keep going no matter the situation since this is out of passion while a bad writer will quit. Therefore, writing requires perseverance and patience to get to the top. Continue reading